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Fabio Tampieri

Country: Italy

Nickname: il Nonno
Date of Birth:     26 07 1964
Birthplace:     Como Lake
Currently living in:     Bellano (Lake of Como)
Current car:     Caddy Cross
Started Windsurfing in:     1982
Best manouvres:     Falldown
Favourite spot:     Piona Lake of Como and Corsica Island
Favourite food:     Pizzocheri and Sforzato ,Pici cacio e pepe and Sassicaia, Bagnacauda and Barbaresco
Favourite magazine:     Riwmag,  Windcam, Windnews
Hobbies:     Climbing, mountanbike, freeride Sky , snowboard.
Favourite music:     All kind of music
Italica Carbon mast Tester , tester development Rad straps , president SBT group  , Flikka italian promoter