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About Flikkaboards

The seed
The seed of FLIKKAboards grew its first roots in year 2001 when our shaper Luka Jureš linked his passion for windsurfing with enthusiasm for handwork and knowledge gathered from different custom boards workshops on Tenerife (Canary Islands), to make his first board ever in his home garage. From that moment on, his destiny was sealed: he started off by making boards for himself and his closest friends, but soon enough the word of outstanding quality of his boards got the windsurfing comunity buzzing. Subsequently, he decided to invite two of his friends and windsurfing addicts, Martin Vodopivec and Janez Filiplič, to come join the project. FLIKKAboards was born. 

Our vision
Our purpose is to provide windsurfing addicts with best possible boards, inspiring them to rediscover creativity and unspoilt commitment to the sport, and put aside that overzealous competitivness and heaps of unneccessary gear. In fact, one of the reasons we set out on this miraculous journey was simply being fed up with stereotyped advertising and consumerist philosophy of big players in the industry.

So come on and join us on our never-ending journey in search of thoose unspoilt waves and roaring winds!

We are eco friendly
Instead of certificates we have a couple of solid arguments to back up our statement:

  • Material & energy efficient production: as a small company with relatively high labour costs we have to be careful about every euro we spend. Our production process is therefore carefully devised in a way to minimize material waste and optimize energy consumption.

  • Eco friendly local materials: our boards are not produced by a poorly paid workforce in a Third world country with low environmental and health protection standards. Instead, they are completely hand built by us, the owners, so we make damn sure we use materials that are not damaging to our health or the environment we live in. Furthermore, as a small scale business we purchase the materials for our production from local manufacturers thus supporting other European companies and keeping our carbon footprint low.

  • Long product life: we have boards out there that after almost a decade still put smiles on their owners' faces. With our boards built to last it means that less stuff gets thrown away each year finishing as waste just because of bad product quality.

Luka Jureš

Used technology

99% Genuine FLikka build
Finboxes, mast tracks, fins, valves, footstrap insert, all are designed and built by Flikka. When we believe we can do better, we will make them!

Full Carbon mast track - almost 200 grams lighter!
The standard mast tracks we used (and almost all other builders still do) have the disadvantage that they need multiple layers of glassing to get the necessary strength. We found a better way by building our own. The mast track is lighter and needs 50% less layers of glassing, combine that with the advantage of no more delamination between mast track and the layers, and we can say we built ourselves a beauty.

Stainless Steel strap inserts
Our very simple but effective solution for securing footstraps. First of all we don't like 2 inserts per footstraps, they will twist, get loose, and before you know it break at the worst possible moment. So we add 4 inserts per footstrap, so 2 screws per side of the strap. Second, a screw that's too long will break trough a plastic plug sooner or later. Third, the plastic insert coils don't last. Our solution is lighter and has proven itself over many years now without any of these or other problems.

Carbon/Dyneema slotboxes

Flikkaboards custom fins